16 Best Windows 7 Skins

Rating: 4.5

Windows 7 Skins 02-Dark Pearl VS 1.1
This version features fixed notification area backgrounds, fixed taskbar jump list background, etc. Tested on Windows 7 x86 only, but works on x64 as well. Only Aero version for now.

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 03-Red Theme
Follow the instruction guide of the author when installing this Red skin. Extra wallpapers are also included just in case you would like to change the background or use them all for a desktop
slide show.

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 04-Thai Impact VS

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 05-Alluminate WB
This is a Mac and Windows Hybrid of sorts, featuring the gorgeous sleekness of the bluish metal material commonly seen in Mac Interfaces combined with the overall feel of the Windows UI. It has two different sub-styles with Winflag and Apple start buttons and is fully skinned for XP, Vista and Windows 7.

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 06-QMac-2.5-black and gray final
This is the QMac-2.5 Win7 final release for Microsoft Windows 7.

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 07-Midnight
This theme includes midnight Visual Style, start Orbs, shell32 images for control panel, desktop gadgets (Customized by Sergio Garcia of SG9 Designs).

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 08-Desaturated
This version includes a start Orb for thin taskbar, dESATURATED.msstyle, Desaturated.theme, Shell32.dll, etc. Check out installation notes of the author on how to use this skin.

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 09-Clean Green
[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 10-Warsaw

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 11-Alternative

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 12-Kiilki VS

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 13-Svelte for Windowblinds
Svelte, which loosely translated means clean lines, smooth tones, is a Windows 7 inspired desktop that takes a softer, more sophisticated approach to the windowsuser interface. It has been designed for maximum quality, usability and recolors like a dream.

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 14-Dark Agility

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 15-Red Ice VS

[windows 7 skins]
Windows 7 Skins 16-Dark Soft

[windows 7 skins]

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